Chanel Couture 2018 debuted its collection in an intimate walled, classic French garden, circling a grand fountain. Such transformation of The Grand Palais was idyllic to that of a Parisian park. The atmosphere was contrary to Chanel’s recent sets, and in a way returned a semblance of Spring, in all of its femininity.

With this, haute tailoring and opulent gowns were representative of the hosted botanical surroundings. A freshness and natural elegance existed in a way that was pleasant and effortlessly absorbed. A color palette of sweets- Chanel walked Spring Summer 2018 Couture designs in almond pink, lemon meringues and whipped, fluffy pastels. Egg cream and toffee hues were walked alongside royal blue and emerald green.Standing out amongst all, were the rich fabrics utilized throughout the collection. Tweed was reinterpreted in wool, silk and Lurex threads. Silk chiffon skirts featured amongst embroidered sheath dresses. Glazes of hand-sewn beads dressed eveningwear and tweed carried itself to hug shin-length boots.

The House’s boucle suits were featured amongst reimagined Chanel jackets, sporting cropped fits and exaggerated shoulders. Where as color spoke directly to femininity, silhouette spoke to masculinity. Tulip-shaped skirts proved an exaggerated contrast to dainty, feminine necklines and sleeves. Tweed city shorts and sporty split skirts alluded to the notion of masculinity amongst femininity. Bouquet-topped veils spoke to an unconventional elegance.Karl Lagerfeld spoke briefly to politics following the show, as a hindsight hint towards the overall atmosphere of the inspired collection. In a day where the definition of femininity seems more complex than ever, perhaps Lagerfeld was speaking to such a definition through his sugary couture collection- femininity amongst masculinity, in harmony.

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