When it comes to how a designer chooses to display their latest collections, there tend to be two trains of thought. There are many that hold a lavish runway show and others that prefer a more intimate approach. Adam Lippes has always preferred the latter. However, this year he took it one step closer to his heart, inviting all of us to his new home in Brooklyn Heights to show off a truly beautiful collection of luxurious pieces for Fall 2018.

The collection began with studying the journey of the paisley, leading him to the town in Scotland where the name for the shape originated. It was here that the inspiration really took hold. For not only was the country the basis of the colors, fabrications and techniques used, but many of the pieces were produced there as well. There were brushed plaids on double face wool skirts, the shape reinterpreted into digitally printed tweeds as well as jacquards and handknits – all created with traditional Scottish mills and techniques.

Some standouts came from a floor-length airy micro-paillette gown, a hand-painted horse print shown on separates and outerwear and a cashmere vest and mid-length skirt set. It was polished and buttoned-up without being fussy or too conservative. A balance many have a hard time achieving yet Lippes made it seem positively effortless.

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